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ISO/IEC 20000 Certification

Frequently Asked Question

What Are the Benefits of ISO/IEC 20000 Certification?

Primarily, the organisation will become more competitive, reducing the risk, cost and time to market new products and services, whilst improving value for money and service quality. They will be able to manage suppliers more effectively.


Service providers will become more responsive, with services which are business-led rather than technology-driven.


Your IT service is more likely be chosen, or renewed over that of a competitor that does not demonstrate ISO/IEC 20000 certification, providing both a competitive edge and demonstrating a visible commitment to managing the provision of IT services.


It will provide enablers to visibly support the business strategy, with opportunities to improve the efficiency of services in all areas, impacting on costs and service.


An operational benefit is to clearly demonstrate service reliability and consistency, which in any environment is critical to business survival and potential growth.


Certification audits are continual and should be treated as a mechanism for educating and raising awareness of employees.


Certification can also reduce the amount of supplier audits thereby reducing costs.


Finally, the use of qualified and independent auditors can be used as a benchmark.


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