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ISO/IEC 20000 Certification

Certified Organisations


Once an organisation has successfully completed an ISO/IEC 20000 audit by a Registered Certification Body and a certificate bearing the scheme logo (at the top right of this page) has been issued, the organisation is eligible to use the logo as evidence of their achievement.


The certified organisation also has the right to request a listing on this site.


The following organisations have been certified under the itSMF BS15000 and  ISO/IEC 20000 Certification Schemes, and have requested that their details be posted here.


Users of this site should note that ISO/IEC 20000 certifies the quality management system and processes SUPPORTING the products or services provided.   It does NOT certify the products or services themselves.


The scoping statements associated with each certification should be carefully read to ensure the scope of certification, and geographical locations, actually cover the areas of interest.


It is further recommended that, in cases where scope of certification is relevant to an enquiry, copies of current certificates are requested from the certified organisations.




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